Quality policy

Ma.in.cart. sells paper, detergents, hygiene equipment and supplies

hotels and outdoor furniture for ho.re.ca., communities, institutions, industries.

Ma.in.cart.srl has decided to implement a Quality Management System as a tool for improving performance, optimizing management and customer satisfaction and competitiveness through the continuous improvement of company processes and a reduction of operating costs.

To achieve these objectives, the Management has identified the implementation of a Quality Management System compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard as the preferred tool for reorganizing the Company, through the application of which it intends to:

  • Commit to customer satisfaction, in order to provide objective evidence of substantial Quality, even before formal Quality, of our company and our products;
    • Consolidate and increase the Company's market share in its specific business sector, through the acquisition of new Customers through:
    • The introduction of an element of qualification and differentiation that places the company in a more competitive position compared to its competitors;
    • The constant investment in the advertising of its products, also through the use of social networks:
    • The first and irreplaceable company resource is the staff with their skills and experience and the principle of continuous improvement.
  • Control and measure the processes and related activities through the use of adequate monitoring and evaluation systems;
  • Improve profitability with the support of the application of the Quality Management System;
  • Determine effectiveness and efficiency performance through the use of constantly monitored indicators;
  • Improve the ability to understand customers' needs through direct communication with them;
  • Understand business developments and always be responsive;
  • Consider our Suppliers as our partners and share the needs of our business with them;;
  • Identify the causes of problems and deficiencies more effectively. Promptly adopt the initiatives necessary to eliminate problems in order to reduce costs and recover profit margins;
  • Keep the organization constantly under control through the verification and review activities indicated in the reference standard, in order to improve its performance and ensure the achievement of the set objectives.

The Company is certain that it can count on the participation of all its collaborators for the implementation of the Quality System and for the achievement of the set objectives.